Friday, 14 February 2014

Snow Buntings at Landguard and Spotted Sandpiper?

Thought I would pop down to Landguard to catch up with the Snow Bunting's I found them after about 20 mins by the Bungalow on the beach, light was awful and very windy.

That was very nice then the day changed completely, popped up to the Obs, where Will Brame asked if I would go with him into the Docks to identify the Sandpiper that Nigel Odin had spotted a few days before. We met Debbie Coe would got us passes and protective gear. The she kindly drove us to the site of the Sandpiper had been seen that morning (from over 400 metres away). We found it sitting on the side of the dock walls, Whilst I was busy taking photo's Will scoped it and after awhile consulting a reference book  and the photo's on my camera and was happy that it was a Spotted Sandpiper, I had no idea being no expert, we were both over the moon. We thanked Debbie and made our way back to Landguard.
I popped home and processed my photo's sending them off to various persons.
During the evening quite a debate occurred about whether it was a Spotted or a Common!!
and it's still going on, so here at a few of the photo's you can make your own minds up!!

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