Friday, 14 February 2014

Otterly Great Morning at Minsmere

On Thursday I decided to go to Minsmere as the weather look OK (well as Ok as it gets this year!!) Spent all morning in the Island Mere, it started off quiet, then two Bitterns flew within minutes of each other, first one was distant, but 2nd one was close but as it was windy only had a few windows open and sods law the very window it flew in front of was closed, just managed to get shot of its back side creeping into the reeds!
Then he teased us by nearly coming out, but then went back into the reeds never to be seen again!!

The three Common Snipe were in there normal place, snoozing, sometimes waking to preen.
Then came the highlight of the morning, two Otter's popped out of the water right in front of the hide!!
then they slipped back into the water
On the way back to the car, spotted a flock of Siskin's feeding high in the alders.
A Great Morning !!!

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