Sunday, 14 June 2015

Little Owl's and supporting cast in Essex

Eddie and I spent a great day in Essex
 (Thanks to a very kind farmer)
The first two pics are when it caught a baby rabbit and tried to get it into the hole, but dropped it, but 30 minutes later it successfully got into the hole

Supporting cast

Great Spotted Woodpecker's



Hudsonian Whimbrel, Great Yellowlegs, Turtle Doves and supporting cast in June

So far this month I have seen 2 lifers
Hudsonian Whimbrel
 at Pagham Harbour, West Sussex
(again light awful and distant)

Greater Yellowlegs
 at Titchfield, Hampshire
(again distant)

Supporting Cast
Avocet and chicks at Minsmere
hiding under father !!

Reed Warbler

Turtle Dove pair

Water Vole at Minsmere
Mute Swan family at Boyton

Wheatear at Sizewell
(whilst on a walk with Veronica)