Thursday, 26 February 2015

Fantastic trip to Scotland

Just got back from fantastic wildlife holiday to the Scottish Highlands, with Eddie and Mark.
Crested Tit (a first for me)

Ptarmigan on Cairn Gorm bit of a hairy time trying to lug a 500mm and tripod in windy and snowy conditions it was also dull so pics not great, but another first for me.

Red Grouse whilst on a Mountain Hare Safari
 (Hare pics in later post)

Long-tailed Ducks at Burghead


Common Scoter
Snow Bunting at Lossemouth

Whooper Swan at Hopeland
Aberdeen River Don




Loch Pityoulish, Highlands

(self found by Eddie & Mark)
1st Winter Glaucous Gull
1st Winter Iceland Gull at Hopeland 

County Durham on the way home BLACK GROUSE another first for me
(all taken from the car out of the wind!!)


Females right beside road

 Well done Eddie for driving all the way !!!