Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Bempton Cliffs and Farne Island Trip 2016

Gary, Eddie and I made another summer trip for the Puffins on the Farne Islands.
On the way stopped of a Bempton Cliffs for a break

Then on to Berwick on Tweed for our B&B for two nights
(early morning photos)

The Next day we decided to give 
the Holy Island of Lindisfarne
a look

I was pretty quiet on the birding front
this young Stonechat was a nice surprise

Dark Green Fritillary

Five spotted Burnet 

Also Bamburgh Castle

The Last Day was the Farne Islands

Eider Duck 



                                 Bridled Guillemot 



Kittiwake young

Now for my favourites 

Flying in with sand eels

Puffins and people

Just Puffins

excuse me mate but have you seen my nest hole

Inner Farne and the Arctic Terns 
(don your hats)

These next three are with my wide angle lens

    This is a wide angle close up of the famous long distance Arctic Tern that was fitted with geolocators and it covered 96,000km (59,650 miles) in its journey to its winter home in the Weddell Sea before returning to the Farne Islands

    St. Cuthbert's Chapel stain glass window on Inner Farne Island