Friday, 21 November 2014

Another couple of days at Gedgrave updated

I spent another couple of days at Gedgrave, the SEO's were not playing ball, never coming close !! 

But the Hen Harrier's played ball there were two present




As we were leaving there was a fantastic sun set
Supporting Cast


Sunday, 16 November 2014

Short Eared Owl's at last come out to play!!

I decided to spend the day at Gedgrave Marshes on Saturday, hoping to see the Hen Harrier again and the Short Eared Owl's as the wind had dropped. When I first got there it was very misty (never really cleared all day) The Hen Harrier was sitting on a fence post preening the only trouble was it was about 500 yards away and visibility was awful (are well you cannot be lucky all the while). Then a pheasant shoot started he soon made a hasty exit. Sat down and had some coffee and sandwiches thinking that's that no more birds. Then the shoot moved on but the Hen Harrier never made another appearance. But to my delight the two Short Eared Owl's flew in very high and were showing on and off for the rest of the afternoon, never coming very close, the only disappointment was the light was awful all day so not great photo's, but what the heck they as just lovely birds to watch!!

  The lighter bird has got a odd pupil in it's right eye (slightly off centre and smaller)
(shows clearly in below shot)

I love these Owl's !!!!


Friday, 14 November 2014

A morning with a Cracking Hen Harrier

I spent a fantastic morning with a amazing Hen Harrier at Gedgrave, it brighten up a very windy and dull day.

It was distant at first

Then a little bit closer

I felt so privileged to witness this elegant bird hunting