Saturday, 22 February 2014

Two days in West Suffolk and Norfolk

On Wednesday we decided to give West Suffolk a look, the Crossbills were very distant at Spinks Lodge, they were collecting nesting material.
So we decided to give West Stow at look for the Crossbills.
They were coming down to a very small puddle in a very busy car park.
Friday another visit to Norfolk to see my first GOSHAWK, no photo's very distant but a first for me. On the way back into Suffolk just before the village of Hilborough we rounded a corner only to be confronted a dead deer with 2 RED KITE's trying to feed on it, so we parked the car and then spent a hour or more photographing them.
Also I have never seen so many Buzzard's in the sky
Then to Ampton for the Tree Sparrow's

Wet and Windy Day at Island Mere

The weather was awful today (Thursday) spent all day at Minsmere, mostly at Island Mere, Even the Marsh Harriers were not too active.
Then a Otter made a brief appearance
The Three Snipe where in their usual place

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Red Breasted Merganser and SEO on finally a wonderful sunny day!!!

Woke up this morning and I could not believe it sun was shining and no wind!!
So first thing I popped down to Boyton RSPB to look for the RED BREASTED MERGANSER male that had been reported. After awhile I found him on the river towards Havergate.
Then Late afternoon drove along the coast to Shingle Street to see if Short eared Owl's were about, saw two in the distance, but just as I was thinking of calling it a day as the sun was now very low, one popped up quite close, the setting sun gave him a warm glow!!
Then he drifted over the reeds and disappeared!!
Driving just passed the Tennis courts whilst on my way home I noticed a pair of Stonechat's sitting on the barbed wire, the light had really gone, but I snapped these two pics.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Snow Buntings at Landguard and Spotted Sandpiper?

Thought I would pop down to Landguard to catch up with the Snow Bunting's I found them after about 20 mins by the Bungalow on the beach, light was awful and very windy.

That was very nice then the day changed completely, popped up to the Obs, where Will Brame asked if I would go with him into the Docks to identify the Sandpiper that Nigel Odin had spotted a few days before. We met Debbie Coe would got us passes and protective gear. The she kindly drove us to the site of the Sandpiper had been seen that morning (from over 400 metres away). We found it sitting on the side of the dock walls, Whilst I was busy taking photo's Will scoped it and after awhile consulting a reference book  and the photo's on my camera and was happy that it was a Spotted Sandpiper, I had no idea being no expert, we were both over the moon. We thanked Debbie and made our way back to Landguard.
I popped home and processed my photo's sending them off to various persons.
During the evening quite a debate occurred about whether it was a Spotted or a Common!!
and it's still going on, so here at a few of the photo's you can make your own minds up!!