Friday, 4 May 2012

Short Eared Owl

Another Great day at Shingle Street

After seeing the Hoopoe on Wednesday evening
 (no photo too flighty)

I found a dead Short Eared Owl at Shingle Street, so I thought that will be the last one I see this season at Shingle Street, how wrong I was this, morning (Friday) another one turned up!!!!
(He turned up twice)

There was a influx of Northern Wheatear's today from Shingle Street along to Eastlane

This one took me by surprise he pop up on a post just after the Short Eared Owl had past, too close thsi is not cropped at all.

This one was at Eastlane

Female Whinchat at Shingle Street/East lane

This Sedge Warbler was very close no need to crop

Corn Bunting


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  1. Just had a good look through your blog John, some stunning images, nice one!