Saturday, 18 February 2012

First of all Hello Molly, I glad you like my Blog, I am going to give you a photo and a big hug when I see you next love Grandad and here for you a Fallow Deer

Great Saturday afternoon at Upper Common Hollesley
parked the car in the car park got out the tripod, place camera on it, went to get my coat on, just then 2 Siskin flew in to the tree in the car park that was just the start!!!

Walked through the gate then right to the large gate with the puddle, looked up into the silver birch tree and there sat one lone male Crossbill waiting to come down for a drink, so set up my camera and waited, he duly came down.
I then walked in to Upper Common further and came across 10 more in the trees down the path, they came so close I could not get in to my lens without stepping back
 (did not have time to remove extender).
Siskins also taking a drink
Now Thats More Like IT!!!!

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