Friday, 24 February 2012

Another Red Kite

Yet another Red Kite this time at Minsmere it flew over Whin Hill, I must attract them as it's the 2nd Red Kite in less 2 months, first one was at Gedgrave.

When I was on Whin Hill I took this very very distant photo of the Glossy Ibis (see insert)

Also a Bittern in the distance
Marsh Harrier
This pair were fighting (a very long way off)

Tree Creeper
Munjac Deer for my Grand Children
(look at that sharp tooth)

Then I went on to Upper Common Hollesley for a short while

It was a Great Day!!!!

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  1. Great pictures of the Red Kites in flight. I spotted a pair of buzzards circling yesterday whilst out walking with my camera. Unfortunately they must have been a mile or so away and drifting further away...!