Thursday, 2 February 2012

Great Day at Minsmere and Upper Common Hollesley

Well today was 100% better than yesterday, first I travelled to Minsmere it was sunny but cold.

Marsh Harrier

Lucky to spot this little fella

LongTailed Tit
The on to Upper Common Hollesley to see if the Crossbills were showing.
What a difference a week makes, the Crossbills are there, but now very shy.
This one was very high in a tall tree, singing for a mate!
This next picture is of three BlueTits trying to break through the ice, I think its makes a Great Picture
Presenting Blue Tits on Ice
(I broke the ice for them after this)

Redpoll turned up late in far distance
Then just as I was leaving 30 Waxwings turned up they flew into a oak tree in the large open space.
Stretching to a bite to eat!!!
Nearly over did it!!

All in all not a bad day!!!


  1. Another batch of wonderful pics, John!!!
    Its not just the lens - you also have the skill!!
    Once we move, you will have your birding buddy back, I promise! Take care - Hazel