Saturday, 17 September 2016

Wryneck at Hollesley Marshes RSPB

On Tuesday I got up early and popped to Shingle Street for the Whinchat which I found
(Pics on next blog)

After that I decided to give Hollesley Marshes RSPB a look, as there had been some Curlew Sandpipers present the day before, so took my scope to scan the scrape from the pill box, found them 
(too distant tophotograph)  
Then decided to walk north up the rivrer wall, I had only gone about 30 yds when I heard something move at my feet, looked down and it was a Wryneck looking right up at me, it then flew into a bramble bush.
I put the news out about it and several birders turned up, but it never showed, so most of them gave up the went on their way, but I stayed and eventually after 4 hours it popped out of the bramble onto to river wall giving me and the one or two others a great show right up until dusk and it was still there when I left (nearly dark)

I went back the next day at 7am and it was still there even more showy, much to the delight of several birders that turned up later in the day

I am afraid it was not there the next

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