Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Minsmere Island Mere Marsh Harrier fest

Spent the Tuesday morning at the Island Mere hide, the Marsh Harrier's were showing well.
Supporting cast
Little Grebe


  1. John, these really are the most amazing photographs of Marsh Harriers. I am in awe of your skills in capturing such amazing images.
    I know you use a 1D mkIV but what lens are you using?
    I am just starting out on DSLR photography, some way to go before I get images of this quality but any advice would be very welcome.

  2. Cheers Boys
    John my Lens is a Canon 500mm F4, that's a very expensive lens, so a Canon 400mm F5.6 prime lens would be a very good lens to start with together with a Canon 7D, I hope this helps

  3. Thanks a lot John, it does help - I wish I could afford the 500mm but I do have the opportunity to buy the 400 you mentioned from a reliable source so maybe that will be my starting point. At present I have a Sigma 170-500 APO which isn't bad but I know a prime lens of the quality that Canon offer would be the correct way to go forward. I'm hoping to upgrade to a Canon7D soon, at present I'm using a 40D.
    Keep up this great blog, I always look forward to seeing where you've been and the superb photographs you present!