Saturday, 23 December 2017

Parrot Crossbills found by me on Upper Hollesley Common

Woke up on Saturday the 25th November too a frosty but bright morning, so decided you have a wander around Upper Hollesley Common, to get some frosty pics.

I wandered around for a hour, it was very quiet, hardly a sound.
Then I heard a sound that I recognised, then flying over my head flew 6 Crossbill's, which dropped into a fir tree close to a puddle, so I crept under the surrounding tree, to take some photos, that's when I noticed that the were not Common Crossbill's, but Parrot Crossbill's much rarer

below shows the difference between Parrot Crossbills and Common Crossbills  


They were not seen several days

Then on Saturday 9th December, yet another frosty morning, I took another wander on the common, Too my amazement there they were waiting to come down to the puddle, which was frozen. 
I broke the ice and they came right down to my feet to drink

9th Dec

Checked again on Saturday 16th Dec
and they appeared again

Again on 17th Dec

Again 18th Dec

They went missing for a few days
But on Christmas Eve they returned to the puddle, giving several birders a early Christmas present

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