Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Yellow-browed Warbler and supporting cast

This Autumn has seen loads of Yellow-browed Warbler arrive on the East Coast, I have seen 6 in total, this one at Shingle Street was quite showy
(at times!!)

The same afternoon the sun was shining and the wind had dropped and I found this Greenland Wheatear on the beach at Shingle Street, which looked great in the sunshine.

Also this month has seen a large arrival of Goldcrests

Also a few Firecrests but as you all know they are very hard to see let alone photograph, this is a record shot of one.
Whilst birding yesterday I spotted this lovely Barn Owl taking a rest and asleep in the grass, it never noticed me at first so I was able to get a photos.

He perch on a post with someones discarded boot on it
(it was very distant so not a great photo)
Also the ever present Stonechats at Shingle Street.

Yesterday a this lone Mute Swan flew right over my head.
Also you know that Autumn is here when you see Brent Geese flying South
A Meadow Pipit at Hollesley Marshes, looking good in the afternoon sun.
Cute little Blue Tit feeding on blackberries.

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