Saturday, 25 April 2015

OODLES of OUZEL'S in Suffolk

This week in Suffolk we have had a great fall of Ring Ouzel's on the Suffolk coast, Minsmere and East Lane the main areas, as you may know they are extremely hard to photograph, so patience is needed.
Minsmere (on Eastbridge to Minsmere Sluice path)

Then on Thursday decided to check out East Lane, whilst Veronica walked to Shingle Street with our dog. I walked towards the Martello Tower and to my amazement spotted three Ring Ouzel's near the first bungalow (great to find your own birds)

I went back the next day and two of them were still there, but very hard to get any decent photographs

 (this is not a great image but shows pulling a worm out of the ground)

Then Eddie and I went back again Friday morning and the two were still there.


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