Friday, 23 January 2015

Superb Short-eared Owl at Orford this morning

I arrived at Orford at about 9.30am the sun was out and no wind, walked around the river wall towards where the Owl's usually appear. I decided not to take the short cut footpath across field as it was such a great morning, so carried around the river wall, then I spotted this fella sitting on a post on the salting's right beside the wall about 200 yards away, so walked slowly around to him and to my amazement he never flew got within 30 ft, he never flew until finally a walker spooked him.



A few other shots from the morning

It had a battle with a Kestrel (distant record shots)

After a short half  hour, they flew back over to Havergate Isand and never came back that day, the wind got up and they do not like the wind !!

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  1. Fab photography :-) I just found you and your stuff is quite magical, thank you.