Saturday, 20 September 2014

Bird's seen on the Cruise

I also most forgot to show the bird's seen at sea from the cruise ship and on land, with all the excitement of the migrants on the ship.



Various other birds seen

On Land

In Lerwick, Shetland


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  1. Dear Mr. Richardson, We have been trying to find you. We volunteer for a wildlife organization Wild Care Cape Cod here in Massachusetts USA. We are hosting a benefit weekend this November called Birds, Beds and Breakfast to raise money for Wild Care. We found your pictures online and were not sure if they could be freely used or not. Anyway, we did use some. Now that we have found you, could we have your permission to use them to help this non profit group that saves wildlife? You can email me directly at Your work is so beautiful. May be you will come to New England sometime. It would be an honor to meet you. Kind regards, Elizabeth Brooke