Monday, 23 June 2014

More Little Owl's

I have had a chance to process more photo's of these cracking little Little Owls


  1. Hi John, I had to contact you about one of your photos and could not find a contact address so am doing it this way :). i had placed one of your images of a kingfisher in my computor desktop some time ago as i loved it so much, when i was looking for something to paint i spotted it and thought i had saved it from "paintmyphoto" i have now just realized my mistake and understand that you have the copyright. so sorry about this but hoping you will let me keep my painting as a one off as i have done a lot of work on it. Looking forward to your reply, Best Regards, Helen

  2. Hi Helen
    You are welcome to use my image for your painting, please can you send me a photograph of it when it's finished (email ).


  3. Thank you so much John, You have made my day as i have been worrying about it. i will be more than happy to send you an image of the finished painting. Best Regards, Helen :)