Sunday, 16 June 2013

PACIFIC SWIFT at Trimley Marshes

We were down at Minsmere in the morning and then we were travelling back to Woodbridge for a Grasshopper Warbler, when the news broken about the Mega PACIFIC SWIFT was found at Trimley Marshes Reserve, so we rushed there.
As every local birder knows it is a very long walk to the reserve, takes 45mins to walk it, well it was worth it!!!
The pictures are not great, but it was distant and flying very fast!!


  1. John, that second shot is a cracker.

  2. Cheers for that Brian (I have done a little more work on it!)

  3. Imho your photos are some of the best seen from Trimley that have been published so far, the story hitting the media is not only The MEGA but the hundreds of photographers/bird watchers who descended
    on Trimley Marshes which I feel was badly covered, especially with the number of photographers present a very poor effort by EADT publishing a pic of just two guys entering the reserve,
    better still they used your photo Mr. Richardson which I rate more that David Carr's on the BBC website.
    Power to You Shooting Arm ~ (ex picture editor Sporting Life)

  4. Cheers for kind comments Bob, I sent them a photo taken with my iphone of all the birders on the river wall watching but they never used it.