Saturday, 6 October 2012

Stoat and Wheatear at East Lane

This little Stoat had just caught a baby rat, when a Kestrel tried to snatch it from him, he dropped it and the Kestrel flew off, so I waited and sure enough the little fella popped his head out and grabbed the baby rat, giving me these lovely shots

This next shots are not quite in focus but shows him with his prey

Stonechat on the near the now missing muck heap
Then decided to try Boyton RSPB but as I was driving through Boyton main street I noticed this little Spotted Flycatcher.
The Day before at Minsmere and Boyton RSPB
Then a little Chiffchaff at Boyton RSPB
The the East Lane to finish the day
The Wheatears were showing well and the light was perfect
 Konik Horse with foal at Minsmere

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  1. What stunning shots! Thank you for sharing them.