Friday, 27 January 2012

Another Great Day at Upper Common Hollesley

Met up with Eddie Marsh late Friday morning, sun was shining so all we did was some birds
 (feathered kind)
and they arrived!!!!
Coal Tit
 (Eddie spotted this one)
This next one was high in a fir tree
Then the Crossbills again they are pairing up now and are harder to find, this one had a lighter head and dark back he also kept pulling the cones off take them away to get the seeds out

These males are much lighter in colour
 Then after Eddie had gone Mick Vince kept me company and more birds turned up.
Yellow Hammer at the top of a tall tree

Then Female Redpoll
As we were leaving at dusk this raptor flew over my car, I believe it to be a Hen Harrier I have seen one here about a couple of months ago what do you think???

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