Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Great Grey Shrike

Great Grey Shrike at Upper Common Hollesley
Both these pictures were taken about 500 yards from the Shrike
But it was the first Great Grey Shrike I have ever seen
The Fallow Deer were about again
Notice the cute little young fawn on far left

Then went on to Boyton RSPB site to look for the Short Eared Owl again, but there was a Pheasant Shoot on at the nearby farm so he never turned up, one pleasant side  effect was that the Swans were frightened of their normal grazing patch onto the River giving me some great shots

Then a Heron landed quite close

Then a Little Rock Pipit turn up right in front of us

All in all not a bad day.
It was nice to meet up with Dave & Hazel, it's a pity that the Short Eared Owl did not show up to make their trip worth while - Still we did manage to bag the Great Grey Shrike thanks to Dave's Eagle Eyes!!!!

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